Our Company

Our company provides Business Intelligence services to you so that you can make better decisions.

IT Company

We love technology, we live and breathe IT.

Forward Thinking

We are creative and innovative in developing solutions to help solve complicated problems.

Problem Solvers

We love solving complicated problems by breaking them down and connecting the dots.

Customer Support

We provide great support, and go beyond our call of duty to keep our clients happy.

Our Story

Statslab was founded early 2015 in the heart of Auckland. Our core belief is that all businesses, no matter large or small, should utilise their data to make smarter and faster decisions to improve business strategy.

We implement the most efficient and the latest technology to create easy to use dashboards, custom applications and provide recommendations to help you visualise the overview of your business activities. We understand a single decision can make or break a business. Being able to analyse your data, you will be able to find areas of your business that needs improvements, what to invest in, and where to retract.

  • Data Warehousing 80% 80%
  • Dashboard Design 80% 80%
  • Consulting 50% 50%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%
Aaron Gong

Aaron Gong

Managing Director/BI Consultant

MCP, Microsoft Certified Professional (SQL)
Microsoft Power BI Certified Professional

Aaron is an expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence(BI) architectural design.

He teaches modest programmers to code when he is not busy. Other times, he spends time creating new ways to improve data visualization for businesses.

Aaron provides solutions to draw more insights from your existing data.

D.A. Bui

D.A. Bui

BI Analyst

BCom(Economics and Finance)

Microsoft Power BI Certified Professional

DA is a passionate BI Analyst specialising in Power BI reporting. He has an education background in Economics and Finance and his passion is Soccer but also anything related to Power BI as well.

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