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What is power BI?


Power BI

Microsoft has a great innovative product that helps everyday end users conduct business analytics with their own data. Business analytics is redefined with Microsoft Power BI with its specialty to be able to create interactive reports, dashboards and visualizations for greater business intelligence and insight. It’s easy and simple to use with its click, drag, or drop functions and with minimal coding. It’s natural language feature doesn’t allow time to waste and lets analysts and data readers to obtain a quick and direct answer by asking questions about the data that is presented. What’s best are its stunning visuals that make understanding data to various audiences a whole lot more interesting yet simple at the same time. You’re the boss of your own data and insight.

With Power BI, you can manipulate and further alter your data at the same time you create these visualizations and dashboards. For example, you can create entirely new data sets and tables, or directly manage the relationships between the data tables to help interpret your data better. You can slice and dice you data dynamically with blazing fast speed thanks to its in memory x-velocity engine.


Another great function about Microsoft Power BI is its ability to connect your data and input to its cloud services so that you can access it across any of your devices in real-time. Not only so, but you can share what you’ve created on the Power BI tool with others that have a Microsoft account (e.g. your organization) and can even go further in-depth to control view ability options to those.

Furthermore, Microsoft Power BI has become very flexible in a way that can support and work with various data types on top of the standard Excel, Access database and CSV files, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Github, R, SQL server and many more.

Expert or no expert, I highly suggest you try this tool. As data is becoming more precious than ever, it’s starting to become fundamental to analyze such data.

You can try the interactive Power BI report below that I have created to test some of it’s functions. The data was collected from for the 2019 NBA finals. It has information about some of the key metrics for team’s offense and defense. If you are a NBA fan like me then give it a try and comment below on what you think.


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Aaron is the founder of Statslab and an expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence(BI) architectural design. The company’s core belief is that all businesses, no matter large or small, should utilize their data to make smarter and faster decisions to improve business strategy.

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Some of our Clients: 

We engaged with STATSLAB to develop an interactive Dashboard that was unique for our business. Utilising our own data streams STATSLAB provided a series of Visual dashboards that we can view at a high level and drill down into more detail to better understand business and the way we operate.

Aaron from STATSLAB was very easy to work with and explain their BI concepts and methodologies very clearly. The Business Intelligence that they offer was once reserved only for large corporations but they make it affordable for small to medium size business, giving us powerful data tools to compete with the big boys.

Jeremy Bain

Business Manager and Franchise Owner, Pack & Send

STATSLAB assisted the Auckland Table Tennis Association in creating a dashboard to enable visualisation of our stadium key holder member demographics and member usage of our facility. This information has enabled the Association to better understand our members and their usage tendencies. This information will assist the Association to achieve a better annual member retention rate.

STATSLAB was very easy to work with. They were able to explain Business Intelligence concepts to lay-people, and how Business Intelligence could assist the Auckland Table Tennis Association in improving its everyday business.

Shane Warbrooke

CEO, Auckland Table Tennis