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Why use Excel when Power BI is better?

You know that Excel is an excellent tool for ad-hoc analysis, and like most businesses, you must be running your reports on Excel spreadsheets. But what happens when Excel becomes too slow due to large data sets? Or what happens when the system crashes when you have just got everything working?

I recognize your frustration, and I propose a simple switch from Excel to Power BI Compared to Excel, Power BI offers five advantages.

Advanced tools– In addition to the analysis tools offered by Excel, Power BI promotes the use of visual aids with easy to use interactive dashboard. They can be used as a sales tool to educate your customers about your products and services. BI can be used to tell a compelling story with data such that your customer understands the unique value your business brings to the table. These actionable insights will ultimately lead to better conversion rates for your business.

Large data analysis – Excel becomes extremely slow when there are either too many formulas or too many calculations. It becomes a waiting game between you and your computer when a spreadsheet takes about 30 minutes to load. Also, do you want to be limited to 500MB for your data sets? Power BI can offer you the ability to analyse large amounts of data, with fewer constraints on data sets and complex data models.

Easy automation – Sometimes, it becomes necessary for your business forecasting that data from multiple sources that need to be handled and analysed. To better understand your client’s needs and to help track business processes that deliver results, it might be useful to merge your website data provided via Google Analytics to your internal data stored in the data warehouse. Power BI offers an advanced transformation for reporting that can be automated with just a click of a button.

Scheduled refreshing – Real-time data helps a business make better decisions. It is vital that your data is continuously updated. Once your report is created, with the Power BI Pro license, your data can be set to have 8 scheduled refreshes with every 30 minutes. You can also purchase up to 48 data set refreshes per day with the Power BI Premium license.

Remote access – It becomes mind-numbing when you must upload Excel spreadsheets for it to be read or edited by your colleagues. But with Power BI, your data can be published to the Cloud and shared with selective users. As the saying goes, from the sea to the sky, your colleagues or employees can access the BI reports anywhere with an internet connection. The visionary Microsoft has invested extensively in Power BI; no wonder it has been ranked as the top BI by the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.

Looks like we have a clear winner. The easily accessible interactive kit provided by Power BI makes it effortless for non-IT staff to utilize the tools.
To get started with, Power BI is entirely free. So why not make the switch?


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