STATSLAB: Your one stop shop for cutting edge business visualization tools. From Dashboard Design, Tabular Reporting and ETL Development, to Transactional Databases and Cube Development, we’re one step ahead of our competitors, solving client problems by providing brilliant solutions.

We are pioneers, innovators and tech mavericks, with an abundance of combined experience spanning Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Coding, Information Technology, Banking, Business Analysis and Strategy.

Chat to us today about our broad spectrum of services that will help your business achieve advanced operational insight and functioning. Our team of seasoned developers have been certified by Microsoft, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the right hands.

Looking for a slick and sophisticated dashboard to better measure your company’s KPIs? Sure thing!

Maybe you need an easy to navigate tabular report system with up to date and accurate data? Of course! How about collating information from several applications into one intelligent database for easy storage and access? That’s our forte!

We warmly welcome your enquiry. Get in touch with our friendly staff and discover a brand new world of IT smarts.

Ingenious business solutions for the 21st century. That’s STATSLAB.


We build various reports to help you answer the questions that you want answered. Having an improved reporting services can help identify the good and bad about your business. As a result, decisions can be made from facts and not just from estimates.

Dashboard Design

Having a great visualisation to your data is what we do. We help you see clearer by filtering out the noise that data can have. Using the latest technology and techniques we create dash boards to have flexibility and control of what you want to see.

Data Warehouse

If you want to implement a Data Warehouse for your Business Intelligence application you have come to the right place. We have experience in design and implementation of Data Warehouse and we can help you get the job done with ease.

Data Modeling

We construct data models to meet your business requirements. What data you have reflects what your business do. Data modelling can be confusing, and we help you by simplifying the process.

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